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Assuming that you're located in the Salt Lake community and looking to discover a dependable dental professional for yourself or possibly your family, look no further than Canyon Rim Dental. Located directly in Salt Lake City, Utah, Canyon Rim Dental has a team of three helpful office administrators, two extremely seasoned dental hygienists, along with two expert D.D.S. -holding dental experts. We consider each member of our team indispensable to the excellence of our dental treatment and to making our patrons feel comfortable, soothed, and assured that they are in the most effective hands available. Canyon Rim Dental is glad to have earned top reviews on Google, Yelp, and even Facebook, so it just goes to show that our aim of helping our clientele feel welcomed, understood, and also valued is realized each and every day!
The knowledgeable professionals at Canyon Rim Dental is truly happy to help you and your family members regardless of what your particular concerns are. That's precisely why we've established a wide array of professional services to make available to our clients, ranging from basic hygiene to wisdom tooth extraction to many types of corrective and restorative dental treatment. We believe we should provide our customers the maximum magnitude of dental options considering that there's nothing more inconvenient than realizing a care provider you have been going to for many years will not offer you a particular service. Not only were you not planning to need that service, but you have to go through the motions of making phone calls to find somebody who can help you. That's why Canyon Rim Dental is pleased to offer care that fits the needs of the entire family, from young children to adolescents to parents to our older family members. Our staff have an intimate and impressive knowledge of teeth in all phases of life, and our staff are always prepared to help you take the greatest attainable care of your teeth at each and every step along the way.
Our clients'll be delighted to learn that we are definitely more than simply a dental hygiene practice. While good oral health means a lot to us, and even though our experts go above and beyond in order to make sure our patrons take home as much expertise as possible about dental health, we are devoted to assisting our patients with the complete magnitude of virtually any dental attention you may require. We offer crowns and bridges to preserve worn out or cracked teeth. We provide resin fillings rather than the typical silver-colored metal fillings to keep your smile looking as beautiful as they can be. We provide procedures for TMJ disorder, wisdom tooth extraction, partial or complete denture design, root canals, and much website more.
Some of our most commonly sought-after cosmetic practices is teeth bleaching. We are really happy to provide state-of-the-art whitening options, and yet we want our customers to recognize that attaining a permanently vivid white smile is actually unattainable, as stains accumulate naturally in time, whether merely because of aging, drinking pop or perhaps a cup of coffee, or even poor hygiene. That being explained, our experts sit down with every patient to review their unique circumstance and choose the best method to undertake it. We use a variety of whitening selections, either in the office or at home, so you can certainly feel confident we are taking your specific requirements into account.
Speaking of individualized plans, at Canyon Rim Dental, we appreciate the benefit of preparing a careful budget. That's why we accept most major insurance companies, multiple forms of payment, and in general are committed to helping our clients as much as we can. Our experts are optimistic that we can find a solution to attend to you that meets your budget, busy agenda, plus all those other unpredictable variables. Our staff will consult with you to make certain every single person in your family is happy with their teeth!
We understand the number of alternatives our clients are faced with when choosing a dental office around the Salt Lake region, but we certainly think that our ratings and reviews represent themselves. Canyon Rim Dental is honored to serve Emigration Canyon, Holladay, Kearns, Millcreek and East Millcreek, Murray, Sugar House, Taylorsville, West Valley, and Woodridge Terrace, making smiles more beautiful, whiter, and much more confident across the Salt Lake City region. We're available whenever you are: in case you're looking to get your best attainable smile, do not wait. Call us immediately!

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